Saturday, 15 November 2008

Some more of my favourite things

This little guy is Lego, but not just any Lego. He's from the Fabuland range, which pre-dates "minifigs" (they are the current little people). I bought him in an op shop yesterday, all packed up in a plastic takeaway box full of other little toys, for $2.

The cart came from a different op shop today. It's so nice to see them together! They go into a little storage box in the cupboard, just for Fabuland Lego. When the box is full, I'll move it into a bigger box. And in between, I won't think too much about it, but whenever a new bit gets added, I'll set them all up on the table and think how nice they look. That's how you collect cool stuff.

Oh, and also in the little takeaway box were some old cereal toys. I know they are very popular and very collected. Straight to eBay with them! And that's where all these $2ses come from.


Gail Kirby said...

Is Siobhan able to have at least one little play out of them next time she visits before you "antique" them??!!

Pauline said...

No danger of us running out of silly toys, Gail!