Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Children, look away!

I've been making headway with the Christmas cards. Not showing off the "pretty" ones yet (they are still getting addressed and sent, and I still have to get to the stage when I realise I need about 20 more). But here's two one-of-a-kind cards, for the children of one of Jeff's oldest friends. The one who got the Simpsons card himself, actually.

Little Miss is starting school this year, and is a nice, bright kid. Little Master is a few years older, and a "violent" boy - that's not meant in a pejorative way, it's age- and gender- appropriate for him. So ... how to turn out a couple of pretty cards for them, using the goodies I have around?

I decided on the sweet Wild About You stamp set from Stampin' Up. I made some really cool cards from this set for Chris, carefully using all SU products, so she could use them as samples. I hinged the heads so the croc snapped its jaws, and the elephant tooted its trunk. I did that here too, but I wasn't so fastidious this time; I used all sorts of scraps, and just did it for fun.

At stamp club recently I bought this great PSX santa hat stamp second hand from a lady who was cleaning up her stash. Santa hats are great - add them to anything and it makes them Christmassy.

So Little Miss gets a cute Elephant offering Santa his hat...

And Little Master gets a cute crocodile, burping up the hat!


Mylene said...

Too cute Pauline - love the hinged jaws!!

Chris said...

Nerny nerny, I have the originals!

Lucky me!