Thursday, 4 December 2008

Stamp Popularity Contest

Since I'm selling a selection of stamps on eBay right now, I have the opportunity to do a little social research. Which designs are the most popular right now? As we know, it changes all the time, and fashions in stamping come and go (as they do in all things).

I'm judging "popularity" by how many people are watching each auction. Watching doesn't indicate any intention to bid, but it's a fair test of interest. Don't worry, I can't tell who's watching, that's concealed even from the seller.

So, the surprise winner so far in the Stamp Popularity Poll is :
The Toy English Spaniel. This stamp is made by PSX (the best quality), so that's in it's favour. As well, dog lovers may be interested in this one, even if they are not interested in any other stamps. That's what's probably pushed this into the illustrious number 1 spot.

Number two in the Poll is a draw between :
The Peacock. Back in the day, PSX made some pretty bird stamps, that were the same size and shape as their beloved "Botanical" stamps. This peacock isn't one of them, but it's a darned fancy stamp.

Equal second place also goes to :
The Winter Village Scene. Also made by PSX. The "scene" stamps seem to be pretty popular too. This is a big one, which naturally puts it in the desirable category.

Following these classic choices, in equal third place we see some contenders that are not quite as obvious. There's the mysterious Art Dreams "Boxed Eye" :

And an appearance from the oh-so-arty Acey Deucy, the "Siren's Journal" :

But don't worry, third place is also being shared by the cat in the mailbox!

Surprising me with its lack of popularity (at this early stage in the polling) is the truly amazing Wild Pansy Wreath by PSX:

This is a heck of a stamp. Put legs on it and it would make a nice side table. It's huge! And yet, still actually rather delicate. Nice to colour in, and you know how fond I am of that.

So there you go, we have another full six days to find out what's hot and what's not in stamps these days. Just as well there's no cartoon owls in my lot - that seems to be the favourite stamp image this year. Oh, and swirls.

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Angela Sargeant said...

Wow! Some very nice stamps there Pauline. The Doughtery's, Acey Deucy and the PSX Christmas Scene are gorgeous. Good luck with your auctions!