Saturday, 27 December 2008

Cupcake Party!

What's better than a cupcake?  A cupcake with a hat on!

We got this idea from Cupcakes Take The Cake and did it straight away! Every cake decorated with its own kid-coloured hat. What did they taste like? Who cares! They had hats on!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hi Pauline, I followed you over from cupcakes take the cake. What fun you all had with the hats! I'll be trying them in a few short days! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Pauline said...

Pleasure to meet you! Tonight we did make-your-own-pizza with five kids (was going to be eight, but three went home). The adult ones are in the oven now, and the lots-of-garlic one smells great!

Keep in touch; I've had a quick look at your blog already. I can browse a bit more later.

kristina said...

Yay the cupcake hats came out awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed using my pattern! Do you mind if I post your pic on my blog?

Pauline said...

Not at all Kristina, post away! Love your hats, I'm just sorry the photo was a bit rushed - I had a lot of kids hanging on waiting to eat one!

Did you see the slightly-less-expertly cut hat in the foreground? That one was done by my only-four-year-old nephew, and I was impressed with his handling of scissors!