Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Shopping like a Millionaire

I had a nice day the other day. At the school fete I had bid on a bundle of vouchers from local businesses, and I've been spending them happily. Last week I went to the Camberwell fresh food market and shopped like a millionaire (or at least, someone who was entitled to $25 at the deli and $25 at the fruit & vegie shop). Yay! I got kefalograviera cheese (a Greek cheese you fry - amazingly yummy); top quality cheddar; some dolmades; marninated mushrooms; Greek olives; asparagus; a lime; a pineapple; cherry tomatoes; and Adelaide tomatoes. 
Adelaide is famous for producing unique tomatoes. I grew up there - it wasn't until I was about 17 that I learned the rest of the world is struggling with tough, flavourless tomatoes. So my little parcel of three pretty tomatoes was quite a treat! I put them in the usual spot in the window, and they ripened up promptly too!

By the way, we ate most of this yummy stuff that day. It was my day-after-my-birthday special treat night. If you work on it, you can spin one birthday out for quite some time.

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