Friday, 5 December 2008

Stamp Popularity Poll part 2

As the week progresses, the positions in the popularity poll of the various stamps I'm selling alters.

The spaniel has dropped, and now shares equal second place with the cat in the mailbox:

and the Siren's Journal. Floral Chintz has crept up to also share second place. Now that's a pretty one, and kind of timeless. Although you have to wonder about the wisdom of coloured indexes (or indices) for stamps. That is, a coloured picture of what the stamp looks like. For a start, it never looks like that, and usually leads to frustration, especially amongst beginners.

Sharing first place we have the Boxed Eye, the Peacock, and the PSX Winter Village,

as well as newcomer to the race Dougherty's:

The PSX Wizard is stepping up to the plate and making a surprise raid on second place (but not there yet). His chances in this race have improved enormously since I added the CORRECT photo to the listing. He used to be stuck with a copy of the peacock photo.

And the PSX Pansy Heart really needs some support.

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