Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A cool gift idea - give stamps!

I just thought of something - lots of people could use this idea at Christmas.

What do you give that fabled "person who has everything"? I have an idea - bet they don't have their own address stamp! Yup, you can actually give rubber (or polymer) stamps to non-crafty friends and family, because an address stamp is useful for years. I've had one for about eight years, and still use it most days. I originally had it made up with my email address, which changed, so I had to "rubberectomy" the stamp (cut away the offending part).

Go to anywhere that makes up business stamps and see what they can do for you. A pretty stamp with cute artwork is such a treasure (just don't ask for anything using artwork you don't have the right to use). Phillip at Stamp World makes art stamps as well as business stamps (the quality's excellent), and he'd be sure to be able to help you. An address stamp together with an ink pad (maybe a pretty coloured one) = a great gift idea. And it provides some useful income for the good people who make them.

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