Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Great Christmas Freebie!

Wow! There's another freebie around! If you get a packet of 5 overseas Christmas stamps, they come in a neat self-adhesive format. There's air mail stickers together with the stamps - that's nice. This whole thing means that - the design on the packaging is ALL STICKER! So there's two nice big Christmas stars, and lots of pretty ornate background to punch out and use in craft projects. Here's two christmas cards I just made (I also used some gold-painted dictionary pages, and some gold sticker paper).

Thanks, Aussie Post!

I wonder what freebies come with the LOCAL stamps? That's tomorrow's job!


Mylene said...

Ooh, freebies! Love what you did with them - really neat idea!

Danielle D said...

Oh, brilliant freebies! Love what you did with them.