Friday, 5 December 2008


I wish my mum was on the internet, 'cos then I could show her that I'm blogging about goosegogs! That's gooseberries to you. They just appeared in my local fruit & veg shop, and I'm thrilled. Stewed with a generous swirl of sugar, and very fond of being combined with sweeter fruits like apple, gooseberries are such a childhood memory. All you have to do to them is "top and tail" them, then cook them up in a rather small amount of water. But don't forget the sugar - we're talking a rhubarb level of tartness!

I had a little start this morning. Catriona left the house with lunchbox packed, and said "Thanks for getting grapes!". She's filled the fruit section of her lunchbox with nice fresh green grapes. Or were they?

Detective mum had to get on the job. Hmm, gooseberries seem to be accounted for, and grape container lid is loose. Yes, sounds like there's no need for an emergency SMS.

That's funny, I don't remember my mum ever sending me SMSs during the school day...

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