Monday, 8 December 2008

Stamp Popularity Poll part 4

We're coming to the pointy end of the popularity contest. The Winter Village scene is trouncing everything and has a firm grip on first place.

Second place is held alone by the pretty Peacock.

Third place is shared by the two "Art Dreams" stamps. Interesting, huh? Pretty and classic first, followed by weird and arty.

And fourth place is taken by the cat, dog and wizard. And also the Siren's Journal, and the Floral Chintz. So that's a bit of everything.

And the Wild Pansy Heart, that phenomenal, huge PSX stamp, is still struggling to get into the rankings. I'm amazed! I'm shocked! I seriously don't want to sell it for 99c! I've added a direct link to it so you can go and see for yourself. Shameless promotion, I know. Any opportunity.

I almost bought MORE new stamps yesterday at the Trash & Treasure market. But they were all kid-style foam mounted stamps. I still looked - as you may know, SOME of the kids' stamps have nice images, on nice rubber, and if you can ease them off their ugly foam mounts, you can mount them on wood, or any other favourite method, and get something pretty nice. Actually, here's a photo of some "Bratz" stamps I bought weeks ago. Totally intended for kids, they do have some pretty pattern stamps, which came off the mounts easily. See that awesome paisley-style pattern? Sadly, it looks atrocious stamped. I'll show you later. Still, worth trying.

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