Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Perth Christmas

We are pooped! Champagne at breakfast time kind of wears you out later in the day. I retired by about 2pm for a good rest (watched part of a movie on my iPod, thanks, it was nice...). And bounced back ready for more Christmas as a result.

The true Gingerbread house got decorated some more (an enterprising 4 year old James decided some "logs" outside would be good. They were of course premium chocolates). Then it got eaten, by six cousins. Yum!

I scored a James Bond DVD for my collection (On Her Majesty's Secret Service - the only George Lazenby film) which I think is great! We've been on a 007 kick lately, and this will continue it nicely.

That's enough news for now - Kung Fu Panda is playing on the DVD player, and we know what fun that one is...

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