Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goin' Shopping

Shopping in Perth on holidays is a bit of a tradition. The lovely Alice took me out to Stamp-It, Collins Craft, Scraptivate and a few others (and I took myself to Stamp Deco the next day). We are running a bit short of full stamp shops in Melbourne, so it was wonderful to see Stamp-it in full flight, with a Magenta bargain bin (no less). Magenta are a cool Canadian stamp company with a distictive style - they're bargain bin material only because the distributorship details have changed. So I got two pretty stamps from there, plus a PSX stamp from the other bin. Yes, an actual, non-second-hand PSX stamp, still out there in the wild! I guess they are out there.

Stamp Deco are refurbishing NEXT week, so THIS week is a very good time to do some shopping - 40% off all punches, and still a lot in stock. I haven't bought any new Carl punches for a while (mainly because EK Success are so nice to use) but I adored the
 rooster punch this time. Has that been in the range for years?  Because I never noticed it! Well, I own it now. And a small rectangle. Those basic shapes are - well, hard to get excited about, but you end up using them all the time. 
Carl rectangle punches are EXACTLY a 2 x 1 rectangle, so you can fold them over to make a square "book". 
That's good design right there, that is. 

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