Saturday, 13 December 2008

A little Christmas Miracle

Yesterday was our final fundraiser at the kids' primary school. It was Pizza Day, and of course, I was organising. Much delegating, but in the end, when you are the one who DOES the delegating, you end up worrying about everything. I had delegated the order tallying and pizza ordering to very smart people, so instead I worried about the things I couldn't control. Would the pizza shop guy lose the order? Would it pour with rain just as we were collecting the pizzas? Would we get a parking spot near the pizza shop?

That last one is a real issue - the pizza shop is part of a big shopping center, and it's Christmas shopping time. Just the day before I'd TRIED to get a park at the same center, and had to leave! The basic plan was to double park, keep a driver in the car, and drive off if a parking dude comes. That's not a plan I can relax about though.

So I did what all smart managers do - I asked my whole committee to think good thoughts for me at 12.30 that day. Good car-park-opening thoughts.

One lovely lady replied by email that she would be praying for us.

We arrived at the shops, found the car park full as usual, but drove one lap around the nearest set of parking spots. AND - a car pulled out, just as we approached! About 10 metres from the pizza shop! Lots of cars coming the other way wanted it, but I had that determined look to my indicators, and that scared them off.

So, I'd say that's this year's Christmas Miracle. Must ask Nicole who she was praying to - it could get them a sainthood!


Danielle D said...

She prayed for a parking spot? Wow, that's awesome. I'm going to try it next time I'm in the city.

Pauline said...

Apparently it worked too. I must ask her which bunch she's with - that would settle the whole "chosen people" question once and for all.