Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Stamp Popularity Poll part 5

Less than a day to go, and the votes are settling down. Peacock and Winter Village are equal first, and second place is held by the controversial Boxed Eye. Floral Chintz is surprising me with it's popularity - well, not surprising as such, it IS a great stamp. Remember, I'm judging "popularity" by how many people are WATCHING the auctions. Nothing to do with bidding - that can change at the last minute. I know, I've been sniped many a time. 'Course, I've done the sniping sometimes.

Now it's time to plug another of the not-leaders in this race. There's a Limited Editions stamp there, called a "Matchbox Marvel". It shows a mouse in a match box. That is, you stamp it, and use the stamped image to decorate a matchbox up as a little bed. And put a mouse in it. And the mouse's teddy and book. SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE! A great afternoon's entertainment for a little girl. I know, that's what I did with it. This is a pretty old design, I think. Ooh, yes, 1996 I see. That counts as "old". I remember buying another similar Limited Editions stamps in my early days. It cost a fortune! It came with instructions! It was so cool!

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Mylene said...

This stamp is so adorable. Seeing it reminded me I had a Limited Edition stamp with a turning wheel once upon a time - a Christmas stamp I seem to remember. It was HUGE - but oh, so cute.

The results of your polling make for very interesting reading!