Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My Night with Queen Elizabeth

Lizzie turned 40, and had a fancy dress party. Jeff and I haven't done a fancy dress party in, well, ever. The theme was Royalty. After some brainstorming (we nearly came as King Kong and Fay Wray), we decided to go as crayons! Royal blue and royal purple, of course.
A trip to Reverse Art Truck loaded me up with all the materials I didn't already have. I had a tool that I bought with a second hand box of artist supplies, and I wo
rked out what it's for! One end is a spike, and the other is a slotted rod. Just right for boring a hole through a tough cardboard cone, and then forcing elastic through the hole. It's a pointy hat maker!

Lizzie was Elizabeth the First - she looked fabulous! Happy Birthday Lizzie!

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Barb said...

Fabulous bent on the 'Royal" theme trust you to come up with something different :)