Sunday, 7 December 2008

Stamp Popularity Poll part 3

It's Sunday morning in Melbourne, the sun's peeping out, and the birds are chirping. So what do I do to start the day?

Check my eBays of course! But not to see if I'm getting rich (not much chance of that), but to update the Popularity Poll. The stamps have been on display for most of a weekend, so that's a good time for their popularity votes to come in. Remember, I'm judging only by the numbers of watchers.

The PSX Winter Village has roared to the front, in a clear lead.

Second place is shared between the Peacock and the Siren's Journal.

In third place we have the Boxed Eye, the Wizard, the Floral Chintz, and the Spaniel (very disgruntled at his drop in rankings. Obviously there was a flurry of response to his breed, but no lasting interest in the fact that he's a stamp!).

The cat in the mailbox is way down in fourth place. Just as well, silly place for a cat.

In other news, I added three new stamps to MY collection. Nothing remarkable, but they were languishing in a $1 bag of toys at an op shop. I HAD to rescue them! The butterfly is early Hero Arts (1983, how's that!), quite pretty really, and sure to come back into fashion any day. And a Shepard Tigger is always welcome, foam mounted or not.

But you see what I mean about ins and outs?

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